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Michael J. Roueche, Author, Civil War Fiction

Near Devil’s Head Fire Lookout Tower in Colorado. The trail to the tower is a great family hike, and you’re rewarded with spectacular views of the Front Range, Denver, the high plains and an unbroken horizon.

Michael J. Roueche writes Civil War novels meant to be fun reads with plots that fit in historically accurate settings. While they include battle scenes and sneak in a few war facts, they’re balanced with heavy doses of civilians, adventure, romance and enough trials to challenge even the most tenacious character.

He also blogs, writing about anything that catches his interest (except politics)—including the Civil War; the natural beauty and animal life in Colorado; and all of Shakespeare.

He is recipient of the 2012 John Esten Cooke Fiction Award for Southern History for Beyond the Wood, and A River Dividesthe second book in the Beyond the Wood series, has been named a finalist for the 2014 Laramie Award for Western, Civil War, Prairie, and Pioneer Fiction. The series will be a trilogy, with the final book currently being prepared for publication.

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