“Beyond the Wood” Review Appears in “Civil War News”

Beyond the Wood review published in Civil War News

Civil War News reviews Beyond the Wood.

Over the weekend, I was grateful to see the November issue of Civil War News–monthly newspaper covering “current news and happenings in the Civil War preservation and reenacting communities”–release its Beyond the Wood review.

After a partial plot summary, the Beyond the Wood review concludes,

Although events involving the 19th Indiana Infantry as a regiment appear historically accurate, some of the plot points involve dramatic license by the author. …Beyond the Wood is an interesting and different Civil War novel.

I like “interesting and different.” It reminds me of an earlier Beyond the Wood review from Midwest Book Review which called it “a unique brand of romance,” and feedback received from readers/reviewers who begin by saying they didn’t know what to expect when they picked up a copy of Beyond the Wood. I hope readers do find it unusual and unexpected and that it delivers romance and adventure against an accurate Civil War historical context.

Thanks, Civil War News, a premier reviewer of Civil fiction and nonfiction. Thanks also to the reviewer Joseph A. Derie. Mr. Derie is “a VMI graduate and a long time Civil War buff and military book reviewer. A retired Coast Guard officer and licensed officer of the Merchant Marine, he is a Certified Marine Investigator and marine surveyor.”

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