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We love book clubs. If you would like us to join your book club meeting in person or via Skype or Google’s Hangout to chat about Civil War romances Beyond the Wood, A River Divides or Tempting Skies, we’re delighted to oblige, schedule permitting. Write to us, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We offer book club members discounts for trade paperback copies.

It’s a great time to read Beyond the Wood, A River Divides and Tempting Skies now that the series is completed.



Signing books at Wrought'n Apples.

Signing books while wearing my wife’s favorite sweater.

Signed Copies of Civil War Novels

If you want signed copies of Civil War novel Beyond the Wood, A River Divides or Tempting Skieslet us know. We can usually offer discounts for them.