Living the Civil War in the 21st Century

Living and witnessing the Civil War through reenactments reminds us of our unique heritage and responsibility to keep liberty ablaze. There is much discussion about what makes the United States exceptional. To me the answer is simple: We’ve been blessed with liberty by a kind Creator who holds us responsible for maintaining our freedoms and extending them to the oppressed where’er they be, as He opens such opportunities to us.


Base Ball 1860’s Style

Denver Blue Stockings Starting Line UpSpelled as two-words, base ball started out as a fast, gentleman’s game. It spread across the country and in popularity during the Civil War. The fans (cranks) even helped make calls. Faster play and fans making decisions! Where did the game go wrong? Here are my thoughts after watching a living demonstration.


He Couldn’t Believe it Was Colorado

A man from Florida just Living history Union volley in Colorado.happened to notice a living Civil War battle reenactment, with rifles popping, artillery thundering and cavalry clashing, taking place just off the Colorado highway. “I can’t believe this,” he said enthusiastically. “I’ve got to send some pictures home. They won’t believe it. A reenactment in Colorado, and I was just passing by.”


Living History: Getting Young People Involved

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Does living history attract young people to the lessons of the past? I think it does and so does young reenactor Charlie Carter, who also, lucky for us, happens to grace the cover of “Beyond the Wood.” Here are her insights.


Living History in High School

Lobo Mess Civil War Living History ClubColorado Education Kurt Knierim, the state’s 2010 Gilder Lehrman Institute History Teacher of the Year, has created a successful Civil War living history class that inspires love of history among students and develops human effectiveness.


Reenacting the War: Kindling Understanding of the Past

Cavalry Charge

My first (and every) experience with reenacting has been great. Only later did I realize living history has not been without historical controversy.



Shot Where You Stand!

Hasan Davi as Union Soldier A.A. BurleighHasan Davis portrays A.A. Burleigh as a living Civil War soldier who was born free, kidnapped into slavery and rose to be the first African-American graduate of Berea College. The college was originally established by abolitionists as the first integrated and coeducational institution in the South. Still living its mission, it remains tuition free, with a special urgency to educate students living in Appalachia.