The Soldier’s Civil War

The Civil War affected Americans in all facets of their lives, but it was the soldier who had “borne the battle,” facing the bloody fruit of war “on the front lines.” Here are blogs on soldiers.


Fighting for Both Sides

Surprisingly, thousands of Civsoldiers by the thousands fought for both sides in Civil War soldiers fought for both sides in the conflict. Their reasons varied. Here are the stories of two who started out Rebels, but traded “bars” for “stripes,” abandoning the Confederacy to fight as soldiers for the Union. Make sure you read the accompanying comments from readers who give their insight and examples on switching sides.


Stonewall Jackson: A Character of Character

Stonewall Jackson, enigmatic soldier general of the Confederacy.Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson, a member of the Confederate “godhead” (along with Robert E. Lee and JEB Stuart) brings out strong emotions from fans and foes. In his day he was famous around the world and perhaps less controversial than today. Here are a couple of my favorite anecdotes about the soldier.


The Romantic Kindness of J. M. Waddill

Union Soldier J. M. Waddill aids "enemy."The amazing story of a soldier’s escape from the Union’s despicable Elmira Prison Camp. The outcome of war is often decided by a few feet or a few minutes, and through war flows unbelievable coincidences. Is it the shadow of God’s active hand in our lives or are perceived coincidences just coincidences?